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Updating Your Business Listing

From your member profile you can update your business listing and personal information.


To get to your profile, click your name in the top right corner.

From the My Profile screen that appears, click the Edit profile button under "My Account" to update your information.

Account Information

Your "Account Information" is for internal use and is not public-facing. Enter the information of the person at your business who manages your StayLocal account.

Business Profile

The information in your "Business Profile" IS public-facing and populates your listing in StayLocal's online directory. 

StayLocal’s directory features over 2500 local businesses and helps boost your SEO (search engine optimization). With an outstanding profile, people can easily find your business, learn about your services and/or products, and become customers.

Below are tips on how to use these fields to maximize your listing. 

Business name, address, & contact info: Consistency across digital platforms (down to punctuation) boosts your SEO.

Description: Searches in SL's directory use business name, description, and keywords to match consumers with results. Make sure to integrate keywords, services, and/or products into your description. See examples

Business Type and Category: These correspond to the filter options consumers have on SL’s directory. You can only select one of each. If your business fits into multiple categories, choose the one that consumers are mostly likely to enter to find your business and use the DESCRIPTION section to flesh out your business and services in more detail.

Logo: Use a high quality picture to avoid a “blurry” image. You can add more photos in the Member photo album section.

After you've made your changes, click Save.

Billing Information

Your "Billing Information" is for internal use and is not public-facing. 

However, the keywords and social media links will show up on your business listing and the keywords are linked to the search results. 

After you've made your changes, click Save.


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